About Love Is In The Air

Welcome to the world of Love Is In The Air. We are dedicated to providing the finest natural products made from herbs, flowers, woods, spices, leaves, and essential oils. at very affordable prices.

We continue to stick to our goals of providing the best selection, of products, highest quality, great service and superb value to our customers. This is our path for success. Love is in the Air is rapidly growing, market driven organization built of the solid front line experience in the retailing of aromatic products throughout major locations worldwide. We are the experts of the future trends of the Gift Industry.

Our incense sticks, cones and wide variety of oils contain special formulas handed down from generations to bring joy and heart filled contentment in life. We pride ourselves in providing natural products with relaxing qualities. In today’s fast moving society our products serve to indulge every appetite and provide the atmosphere that you are looking for. From incense to multi purpose fragrance, essential and body oils, we are sure that you will agree that our products are the best and most affordable in the market. Our products are created with your well being in mind.

We´re sure you’ll be delighted with the newest additions to our family of products. This year we are proud to introduce our new line of polyresin oil and cone burners. Consumers love the way our products look and smell, you’ll love the way they sell. Please look over our new catalog and order form. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us at Toll Free 1-888 336 5683, or (305) 828-8181, or drop us an e-mail at sales@loveisintheair.net

Hope to hear from you. Have an awesome, aromatic day.

Love is in the Air Corp.